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Back to Basics Days of the Week

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Back to Basics is a collection that is just that. Simple colors, simple patterns. Sometimes you need just one colored pattern to accent your design - you can find it here.

A very unique set of the days of the week in 24 different languages, interwoven in colorful ribbons. Also included in the folders are the individual ribbons for each day of the week so that you can interweave into other Back to Basics alphas (some symbols are not included in alphas).

Sets are broken up into four downloadable folders:

Folder (1)
bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
bosanski (Bosnian)
cestina (Czech)
dansk (Danish)
Deutsch (German)

Folder (2)
espanol (Spanish)
francais (French)
hrvatski (Croatian)
italiano (Italian)
magyar (Hungarian)
Melayu (Malay)

Folder (3)
Nederlands (Dutch)
norsk (Norwegian)
Pilipino (Filipino)
polski (Polish)
portugues (Portuguese)
roman (Romanian)

Folder (4)
slovencina (Slovak)
slovenscina (Slovenian)
suomalainen (Finnish)
svensk (Swedish)
tieng Viet (Vietnamese)
Turk (Turkish)